Sunday, 17 July 2011

happiness is....

a baby brother asleep

dress ups

and 'just a taste' of the icing after baking with mummy

Thursday, 14 July 2011

wishful thinking...

With a twelve week old babe to feed, I have a lot of time to stop and think at the moment.  And to read sewing and crafting blogs, and to buy patterns for beautiful kids clothes which I'm sure I'll get to day!  But for now, this is mostly wishful thinking!

My crafting todo list is increasing, but I have managed to achieve a few little projects of late.

I covered some wire coat hangers which I've been meaning to do for ages since I spotted them on the beautiful "Life with Little Ones" blog...and I intend to do many more - they're so simple and so gorgeous.  One will display some of Ruby's latest craft and the other is a mobile for little man Levi...

But by far my favourite project was the Reversible Hooded Play Cape I've finally made for Ruby from the "Growing Up Sew Liberated" book!

Ruby adores it and there are so many more projects I can't wait to get my hands on in this book!  Of course the little monster has worn her cape daily since I made it, but upon request today simply would not pop it on for a quick photo - even a lolly bribe didn't do the trick!  So here it is sans-toddler, but you get the idea...

...I used really basic cotton fabrics (colours chosen by Ruby) as a starting point (not wanting to spend up on fancy-pants fabric knowing full well I mightn't have had time to attempt the project anyway!), and it came up beautifully. Such a great pattern, and so simple - definitely one to keep on hand for birthday presents.  What kid doesn't love a cape!

I'm hoping to have time to do a little hand embroidery and put her name on it, but maybe that's just more wishful thinking!

Other projects I've got my eye on are the Heidi and Finn "Sweet Reversible Wrap Dress" (which I have the pattern printed for and some beautiful vintage bed linen to make it with!), some more "Big Butt Baby Pants" from the very clever Rae for both Levi and for the new addition to a friends family, and basically everything from my latest book purchase "Carefree Clothes for Girls".

I'm also hanging out for August when "Sewing for Boys" is released!  I really didn't think there'd be a lot of great stuff to make for boys, but turns out there's a treasure-trove of funky patterns if you start looking.

Fingers crossed by this time next week I'll have crossed off something from this list.  But for now, I better get the washing on the line while the sun is out!